Are there side effects to masturbation?7 Dec 20174.58

Masturbation is a normal and healthy sexual activity with few side effects. Many bizarre claims surround masturbation, such as going blind, and most of these claims are untrue. Masturbation is when an individual stimulates their genitals for sexual pleasure, which may or may not lead to orgasm. Masturbation is common among men and women of […]

Is it normal to bleed after intercourse?26 Feb 2018

Table of contents Causes Risk factors Diagnosis When to see a doctor Treatment Pregnancy Prevention Takeaway Postcoital bleeding refers to genital bleeding after intercourse. The medical community typically uses this term to describe bleeding from the vagina, a fairly common occurrence caused by a wide range of factors. An estimated 0.7 to 9 percent of […]

Can you treat genital warts at home?26 Feb 2018

Table of contents Home remedies Lifestyle changes When to see a doctor Treatment Outlook Genital warts do not necessarily require treatment unless they cause pain or embarrassment. Many natural living sites suggest that various herbal remedies can cure genital warts. However, there is limited evidence for their use, and well-established medical treatments typically work well […]

What do different types of vaginal discharge mean?Learn about what thick, white, clear, or colored vaginal discharge means for a person’s health, as well as how to prevent unhealthy discharge.7 Mar 2018

Table of contents What is normal discharge? Types Prevention Seeing a doctor Takeaway Vaginal discharge is fluid that contains a mix of vaginal secretions and cervical mucus. The amount of vaginal discharge produced varies from woman to woman but is often normal and healthy. Pregnancy, changing hormones, or the presence of an infection can also […]

Can masturbation cause hair loss?This is just one of many masturbation-related myths. Learn more about this and other myths, the benefits of masturbation, and what really causes hair loss.9 Mar 201841

Table of contents Masturbation and hair loss Other myths Benefits Risks Causes of hair loss Takeaway There are many myths surrounding masturbation, but is there any truth to the theory that masturbation can make your hair fall out? People often find masturbation difficult to discuss, which may explain why this topic attracts so many myths. […]

Why might urination happen during intercourse?Learn about why people might urinate during sex. This article examines the causes, treatment options, and lifestyle changes that could help.9 Mar 20183.5

Table of contents Causes Risk factors When to see a doctor Treatment options Management tips Outlook It is possible for women to urinate during sex. During sex, pressure can be put on the bladder by the penis, fingers, or another object. This is because the bladder in a woman’s body is close to the vagina […]

Can a vagina be too tight?19 Feb 20185

Table of contents Too tight How tightness changes Too loose Takeaway At times, a woman may notice her vagina feels tighter than usual. This is because the vagina changes over the course of a woman’s life as a result of aging and natural events, such as pregnancy and childbirth. Sometimes, these changes may cause a […]

Why does the penis change color?19 Feb 20184.5

Table of contents What are the causes? Seeing a doctor Takeaway Sometimes a man’s penis can turn a purple-red color. Mostly, this color change is benign. The penis may become purple whenever there is increased blood flow to the blood vessels and glands within it. This often happens when a man experiences arousal. However, when […]