“We saw people going to department stores and purchasing items that would bring them temporary joy, when they could be investing in a loving pet that would be their companion for years,” Gail Buchwald, ASPCA adoption center senior vice president, told HuffPost in an email.


The man, identified only as Charlie K., told CBS 3 that he woke up Friday morning planning to shop for his son when a bright idea hit him. He went over to the Toys R Us store in the town of Cherry Hill, where he paid for orders that customers had put on layaway.

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“To reduce dog bites, we need to look at all dogs, because pit bulls, contrary to some urban legends, aren’t a dog that’s more aggressive than others, or a dog that’s particularly dangerous; all dogs are potentially dangerous,” Sauve said, according to the Montreal Gazette.

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Although some criticized the rescue, saying that a wild rabbit surely didn’t need human assistance, Wadman’s risky decision is getting support from Dr. Duane Tom, director of animal care at the California Wildlife Center.

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Now a certified internet star, D-O-G has come a long way from his former life as a barn kitten. Nadine Wenig, director of canine services at Support Dogs, Inc., met the friendly kitten over the summer at a bed and breakfast and was “instantly smitten,” according to This Dog’s Life. The owners of the business […]

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“Both bears are in poor psychological condition, showing signs of stereotypic behavior including head weaving, paw sucking, pacing, mewling, and aggression, due to the constant cruel training they endured in captivity,” D’Cruzesaid.


“As I was playing the piece, when I got to a couple of difficult parts, I could hear him clapping in the background and when I watched the video later, seeing him playing along with his fingers, it was wonderful to see how much pleasure he got from it,” Bull told HuffPost.