Alec Baldwin Says Trump Tweeting About Him is “Surreal” on ‘Tonight Show’

9:12pm PTbyPatrick Shanley

Alec Baldwin Says Trump Tweeting About Him is "Surreal" on 'Tonight Show'

The actor explained his reactions to the president's tweets criticizing his 'Saturday Night Live' impersonation to host Jimmy Fallon.

Alec Baldwin joined Jimmy Fallon on Monday's Tonight Show to discuss his role on Hulu's The Looming Tower, his upcoming talk show on ABC, Sundays With Alec Baldwin and, of course, his impersonation of President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.

"Everybody knows that Lorne came to me and I thought we were going to do it for three weeks in the fall," Baldwin said of the beginning of his impersonation on SNL. "Then he won, and I was like, 'Oh, no.' "

When Fallon read Trump's recent tweets to Baldwin, in which the president said the actor's "dying mediocre career" was "saved by his terrible impersonation, Baldwin responded, "Nobody is forced to watch…When Trump forces people to listen to him, we call them government employees."

The actor said it was "surreal" to have the president call him out on Twitter. He went on to question Trump's Twitter habits, wondering if he interrupted important policy meetings to say, "Hold on one minute, Alec Baldwin is a loser." Baldwin, sporting the Trumpian scowl he uses in his SNL impersonation, then imitated tweeting.